How to add excitement to your dining room


You probably don’t spend too much time thinking about your dining room. For some of you, it is a room that is rarely used for actual dining. You may use it as a makeshift storage area or office. For others, it is the most used room in the house, the place where you eat all your meals, hold family meetings, make crafts with your kids, and have tea with your friends.

However you use your dining room, you can make changes to liven it up and make it more inviting. Whether you simply want to improve its look, or transform it into something else completely, these ideas will help you add excitement to your dining room.


Enhancing the dining room

If your dining room is actually used for dining, consider making changes such as creating a single colour palette. Paint the walls light blue, install dark blue paper light fixtures, and put down a blue rug or carpet. These small and relatively inexpensive changes will create a pulled-together look.

Another way to add interest is to choose a theme. For example, if you love Victorian styles, add some touches to your dining room with photos of Victorian houses, and install Venetian shutters. Venetian shutters are tiered, and the upper and lower panels open separately, so you can show off stained glass windows, or decide how much privacy you want.

Another fun theme to add interest is to pick a favourite location – for example, France. You can put up a wall border with French architectural artwork, install a Bistro-style awning for your windows, and add small decorative fleur-de-lis trinkets.

The great thing about these enhancements is that they are not only more fun for your family’s use, but they are also a great topic of conversation with dinner guests.


Transforming the dining room

If you really don’t use your dining room, you may find it more practical to repurpose it. This keeps the space from being wasted, and lets you have some fun finding the right look.

A popular choice for remaking your dining room is a home office. You can convert your dining room table into a desk and add some shelves for storage. You can also use your dining room as a studio for the pursuit of arts by setting up your easel, music stand or dance barre.

Another transformation for the dining room is to turn it into a games room, either for children, adults, or both. You can install a large-screen TV for epic video gaming, but that same setup can also work for exercising, having friends over to watch the Sunday football, or providing a quiet place to read a book. You can buy some lightweight furniture items such as beanbags to accommodate whatever fun you have in mind.

The dining room can be the most interesting room in your house. By creating a colour palette, a man cave or a guitar studio, you will make the room an exciting place to spend your time.








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