Mums, What Are You Worth?



Surely I cannot be the only one considering getting a little bit of help in now and then? Someone to give the house a quick spruce over once in a while? Passing on the oven-cleaning duties occasionally? Having someone tackle the white carpet’s battle against two house-training puppies, one toilet training toddler and a whole bunch of others? Whilst we’re at it, what about a personal chef or how about even a chauffeur complete with hat, suit and all?

I get fed up with picking up the same toys for the zillionth time, or the last-minute urgent notification that someone needs something for some club or other that begins in two hours.

Is it just me?

Is it?

I wonder how much I could charge for all the services I provide? Cooking, cleaning, picking up and putting away. Even putting a new toilet roll out when one finishes seems a difficult task for some in my house to come to terms with doing. Could I charge a fee for loo roll replacement?

Oh, I’m joshing (or am I?), but this fun little online tool by SunLife Insurance is a great way to while away a few minutes and find out what salary your mothering role is worth. It’s a tongue in cheek way of breaking down the number of hours you spend cooking, cleaning, doing the laundry and generally mothering your children. Rather more importantly, behind the fun of the tool lies the message that makes you think about who would cover your role should anything happen to you. Nothing will ever replace the loss of a parent of course, but have you wondered how much it would cost your family financially to keep the home running and them looked after if you were no longer around? That’s where the reality of keeping you and your family covered with insurance against the loss of a parent hits.

For the record, I reckon I’m worth way more than the calculator calculated but when it comes to insuring our family against the worst possible scenario, at least we know we’re covered. What about you?







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