Protect Your Family Online: Win AVG Ultimate 2016 for Unlimited Devices Worth £49.99


Whether it’s homework, schoolwork or your normal run-of-the-mill work – or even a bit of general surfing, and entertainment – there are few of us who can do without being online.

We trust our devices to keep us connected but we need to make sure that they are safe from the latest virus or malware that might be doing the rounds.

AVG Ultimate 2016 is the latest in device protection and the best all in one antivirus, anti-malware, privacy and tune up package, AVG Ultimate includes Internet Security for Windows, PC TuneUp for Windows, AntiVirus for Android, AVG Cleaner for Android, AntiVirus for Mac and AVG Cleaner for Mac.



The package includes:


:: Advanced antivirus for Windows, Mac and Android

:: Advanced tuneup for Windows, Mac and Android

:: Zen Dashboard to protect and tune everything from one screen

:: Real time security updates and automatic cleaning updates

:: Install on unlimited computers and mobiles


Give yourself peace of mind by protecting all your family devices with AVG Ultimate available from Amazon now. 


Enter our competition to win a copy of AVG Ultimate 2016!


You have four chances to win and you must leave a separate comment below for each entry method you have used.


1) Simply leave a comment saying why you’d like to win a copy of AVG Ultimate.


2) Follow us on Twitter at @LargerFamily and tweet:

‘I have entered to win a copy of AVG Ultimate. Follow @LargerFamily & RT to enter’

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Please note: Each entry method must be commented for separately in order for your entries to be counted individually. Even if you complete all four methods but only leave one comment, you will only be classed as entering once.


This competition ends on 31st July at midnight. UK entries only.




89 thoughts on “Protect Your Family Online: Win AVG Ultimate 2016 for Unlimited Devices Worth £49.99

  1. I’d like to win a copy of AGV Ultimate, for my son’s new PC for his 16th birthday and would love it on our phones as we don’t have it. Thank you very much for this fab competition xx

  2. I’d love to win a copy of AVG ultimate 2016 to protect the new family desktop PC that we have bought for our two daughters to do their schoolwork on. It would give me peace of mind and protect them from losing all of their hard work.

  3. I would like to win to prevent viruses, as we have had several on our computer over the last few months.

  4. I’d love to win as I’m very aware of the need for internet security and only have a free version of AVG at the moment …

  5. I’d like to win so as to feel more secure because I do worry about internet security when so much of our lives are conducted online

  6. I’ve lost count of t amount of times my children have clicked and downloaded things they shouldn’t – resulting in wiping their laptops and starting again! This would be a lifesaver!!

  7. I’d love to win as I’m using a trial of AVG now but I’d love to have the proper protection for my mac!

  8. I would like to win because my previous subscription expired a few months ago. I am now using a free one. Which, although quite good, can’t really compare.

  9. I’d like to win a copy of this as it would work much better than the very random multiple versions of AVG I use on the various family devices

  10. I go on many different websites and if WON would know i am protected from the latest virus & malware

  11. I’d like to win for the peace of mind it would bring. I’ve used AVG before and found it to be good

  12. I’d love to win AVG as my son is always watching youtube videos & going to unsafe sites & crashing his computer with viruses!

  13. Because I have saved for over a year to buy a new laptop (I had my old one for 7 years) and would like to keep it safe and as good as new so this one last 7 years too xx

  14. Would love to win protection for may laptops, as I only ever use the standard windows one which came with my laptop!

  15. I’d love to win for my laptop I’ve just got fixed to keep it protected
    Liked and posted on Facebook as Gemma Massey
    Retweeted on Twitter @gemmstone2708

  16. i have just bought an expensive new laptop – the Surface Book. To keep it running it’s best i need some great protection. I am confident on computers but my family isn’t. So to give me peace of mind that they are safe, i’d love to win.

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