3 tips for buying designer chairs that you and your family will love




Chairs are more dependent than most types of furniture on what you already have in the house.

No matter how gorgeous designer chairs might look, they are pointless if they make you feel awkward when you sit at your desk or dining table.

They also have be in visual harmony with the rest of your interior, in terms not only of colour and style but also size and texture.

Here are three tips for buying designer chairs to ensure not only a more beautiful home, but also comfort for you and your family.


Make sure the chairs are the right size for your table

Most chairs are designed to enable you to be seated at a table of some sort. So before you go out and buy a set of beautiful dining chairs, you want to always consider whether this spectacular seating that’s so bewitched you is, in fact, the best choice for your tables.

That means obtaining the measurements of your dining tables, kitchen tables, desks or dressing tables to ascertain if the chairs are the ideal size and height.

For instance, if you’re buying a chair for an office desk, you want to make sure it is adjustable and not too low. There is nothing worse for your posture than trying to type at a computer that’s too high up.

Dining chairs, on the other hand, can be a little lower relative to the dining table, due to the fact that you don’t want people leaning over their food.

It’s all about balance. Take your measurements and a photograph of your table to the store, or if you’re shopping on an online store like The Longest Stay, check the dimensions of the chairs you’d like to buy online and then juxtapose them against your furniture with the help of a measuring tape.


The design of your chairs should jive with your interior

Just because the beautiful designer chairs you’re eyeing look great on their own doesn’t mean they are necessarily the best choice for your home.

Not only do your chairs have to be comfortable when you’re seated, they also have to go with the décor of your surroundings and look great at your tables.

If you’ve got a classic oak dining table, you probably do not want to buy ultra modern, lightweight plastic chairs to go with them. Likewise, if your interior is extremely sleek and minimalistic, you want to steer clear of chairs covered in kitsch fabrics.


Comfort is king

No matter how great a chair looks, it has failed if it is not comfortable to sit in. Wherever possible, you want to test drive your chairs to make sure you would want to spend time in them.

If you are buying chairs online, make inquiries about the material used to construct them, as that will give you a good gauge as to how it feels to sit in them.

Also think about the purpose which your chairs will serve. If you’re looking for a big, cosy armchair where you’ll while away the hours lost in a good book, you’ll want a wide seat and a backrest at a comfortable angle.

Your chairs are going to be one of the most-used furniture pieces at home, so spend a little more time making sure you get seating that’s a delight to use.





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