Top Ways To Prepare Your Home For A Downpour (To Prevent Damp Occurring!)



Even though we are now in summer, we know that British weather is unpredictable. One moment the sun will be shining, and the next there will be heavy showers. In fact, we are likely to get only one or two weeks of sunshine during the summer. Therefore, it’s no wonder so many homeowners in the UK are struggling with damp in their property after heavy rain. Here are some top ways to prepare your home for a downpour so you can prevent damp in your home.


Make sure all windows and doors are shut properly

One top way to prepare your home for a downpour to prevent damp occurring in your home is to make sure that all windows and doors are closed properly. Soon as you spot dark clouds, you need to go around the house and check that you have shut all the windows correctly. A lot of people accidently leave them open, and then water gets into their property. You need to make sure the doors are locked too so that no water can flow through and cause condensation. If you don’t feel like your doors are secure, you can buy brush seals which go at the bottom of your front door. It’s great to stop you having damp problems, and will ensure you retain heat in your home which is great if you want to save money on your energy bill!


Cover your air vents to stop water getting in

Another way you can prepare your home for a downpour is to make sure you cover your air vents to stop water getting into your home. As discussed in this article, air vents are one of the main reasons why water enters the home. Therefore, you need to make sure if there is heavy rain on its way that the inside and outside vents are covered. You could use plastic sheeting to ensure water doesn’t make it’s way in. If you do get damp in your property, you can get damp proofing. It is where a professional company will come out and inspect your home to see what damage has been done. They will then install a damp proof course to rectify the problem.


Make sure guttering is working correctly

You can also prepare your home for a downpour by making sure the guttering is working correctly. If it’s not working, it won’t be collecting water from the roof and taking it away from the building. Instead, water will enter the home and will cause damp patches and mould. It can also damage the brickwork of your property. Therefore, as this article reveals, you need to check the guttering outside and make sure it’s not blocked before a downpour. Remove any debris so it won’t get blocked when the rain starts falling.


Make sure your heating supply is working efficiently

Another way to prepare your home for a downpour is by checking your heating supply is working effectively. You will need it to be working in the cold weather so that you can keep your home properly insulated. If your walls and ceiling are cold, it’s more likely to cause condensation which can cause damp occurring in your home. Therefore, make sure you check it’s working before a rainstorm, and get it serviced regularly so they can spot any issues.


Check your roof for problems before the rain hits

You should also ensure you protect your home for a downpour by checking the roof for problems before the rain hits. You can look inside your loft to see if there are any signs that there could be a crack in the roof. If you notice water coming through or can see daylight, you are likely to have tiles missing on your roof. You should make sure you get someone to check your roof regularly so you can avoid problems such as damp. You can also look up there and see if you notice any cracks along the ridge of the roof. You can also check out whether you have any loose shingles. As this feature explains, you will need to replace these quickly to stop moisture leaks inside your home which will cause damp.


Remember to make sure outdoor belongings are safely put away. You don’t want to ruin your garden furniture and equipment. Then once your home is safe, you can make sure you and the kids are ready for the downpour! Get your umbrella ready and get out the raincoats. And as I talked about previously, look after your skin when it’s bad weather as well, as it can be affected!





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