Simple Ways To Study When You Have Young Kids


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Returning to education is something that can benefit your life in multiple ways. It could give you more career prospects or make you a stronger candidate for a substantial pay rise or promotion. It could also help you gain qualifications to make you a stronger candidate for your dream job. But to get the outcome you desire you need to put in the hard work and study. This can be challenging when you’re a parent who has young children to take care of. Especially if the only way you can fit your study time in is by giving up your job or slashing your hours. Studying requires focus and enthusiasm, which are things your kids need too. Thankfully there are things you can do to balance study time and time with your children. So if you’re struggling to stay on top of your studies and your kids, here are some simple ways to help.


Create a study timetable

A study timetable, whether it’s on your phone or on your fridge, is an integral resource for all student parents. When you have so much to think about it, concerning both school and your kids it can provide some much-needed clarity and control. You can refer to your timetable and know what you need to do and how much time you have to do it. It can be worked around your other work and family commitments and helps you establish when the best times to study are. Your kids might have a weekly playdate at a friend’s house, or your parents might babysit over the weekends. In which case, you can do a substantial amount of studying during these days. The best way to create your study timetable is by getting a copy of your class schedule and family diary. Write down all of your important dates including deadlines, birthdays and work events. This will ensure that you can work your studying around your family, but still, do it effectively. Even if you can only fit in half an hour each day, it’s better than nothing.


Don’t panic

Sometimes you might experience things that you cannot control which stop you from studying altogether. You or your child might get sick and need hospital care, or a family member might pass away. It can be easy to panic in these situations, especially if you have a looming deadline or test coming up. But there are things you can do. You could use a premium essay writing service to complete an article before the essay deadline. If you have an exam, you can download study apps such as Cram Cards onto your phone. You can use these to help you retain information in a short space of time. If all else fails, the best thing to do is explain your situation to your lecturer as soon as possible. It’s likely that the college you attend has protocols in place for these types of situation. You won’t be the first or the last to have these difficulties. They might be able to give you an extension or offer tutorial sessions to help you. This will help you get back on track as well as giving you peace of mind.


Plan activities for your kids

Your children will undoubtedly try to interrupt your studying in a bid to get your attention. Instead of putting them in another room, plan ahead and organize some activities for them. You could set up a train set or create a fort they can play in near to your desk or study area. You can even buy them their own mini desk and fill it with reading and coloring books. Set them assignments or ask them to create a picture for you to put above your desk. Children love to mimic their parents, and this will make them feel just like you. Just remember to tell them how important this study time is for you and that they need to be quiet and cooperative. This involvement will give you an opportunity to spend time together but still allow you to get your work completed.

There will be days when your studies don’t go to plan, and it will be tempting to throw in the towel. On these days, remind yourself why you are studying so hard in the first place. You and your children will benefit greatly from you getting a higher income or a better career. So use this as motivation to keep going. This is not forever, and you’ll be pleased that you persevered when you start to reap the benefits your qualifications provide.



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