Our February Degustabox Review (And a Discount for You!)




After our first Degustabox UK last month we were looking forward to seeing what delights February’s box would bring. It wasn’t disappointing and had a refreshing spring feel about it. Here is a look at this month’s goodies:


Ritz Crisp & Thin



A new potato snack from Ritz that is oven-baked rather than fried, making it a healthier alternative to regular crisps. They do come in a number of flavours but we did love the Sweet Red Chilli that arrived in our box.


Divine Caramel Bars




Divine by name, divine by nature – or so we thought. Delicious and luxurious and fairtrade to boot, we don’t think chocolate could possibly come much better than this. Another hit!


Sarsons Malt Vinegar




A store cupboard staple for as long as I can remember, Sarsons vinegar takes me right back to my childhood! Always handy to keep to hand for that irresistible chip treat and also for adding a little something extra to dishes too.


The London Crisp Company 




These crisps are hand-cooked in our very own capital. Available in five flavours, we received the sweet chilli. It’s a good job we like crisps with a kick – and these certainly are! A crunch you can really get your teeth into, everyone loved these!


Hartley’s Jelly Pots




Another name from our childhood which is the epitome of quality and flavour, Harley’s Jelly Pots are delicious, ready-made treats that you can keep to hand for the kids. At only 10 calories a pot, they’ll also satisfy your sweet tooth without ruining your healthy eating plan too!






The children love wheat biscuit cereals so Nutribix was eagerly tested here. Providing more crunch and texture than their counterparts, Nutribix contains a mixture of sorghum, oats, rye, wheat and rice as well as delicious coconut and honey. This is truly delicious. De-licious!


Nari Palm Juice




A little something different to the usual, Nari Palm Juice is an infusion of coconut palm, natural fruit juice and spices. A really refreshing drink that mixes up the taste buds, it was a pleasant change from the norm.


Vit Hit




If you’re looking for a drink with flavour but without any added sugar, Vit Hit is a good option. Available in a range of mouth-watering flavours, each bottle of this real juice drink contains 8 different vitamins and fewer than 35 calories.


Beloved Dates – Date Bars




Another fabulous find for those of us trying to eat more healthy foods. These date bars contain no added sugar and are 100% natural through and through. By cold-pressing them during production, Beloved Dates ensure all the goodness is retained in every bar. We received both the Date and Seed and Date and Berry bars and both were extremely tasty.


Mr Kipling’s Exceedingly Good Slices



One more tried and trusted name that has been around for a while. Whilst it might not be one of the most healthiest snacks out there, there’s no arguing that Mr Kipling’s cakes really are… well, exceedingly good! Tasty, moist and full of flavour, you’ll find it difficult stopping at just the one.


J20 Spritz 


013-002 - Copy


This was the very first product we tried from February’s box and the final one we’ll be covering. I’m not normally one for flavoured drinks, preferring plain water or fresh fruit juice. We all absolutely loved them. The flavour was extremely refreshing and the drink itself contained just enough fizz to make you feel like spring is on the way but not so much that you feel gassy. This is definitely going to be a welcome new addition to our summers – a great alternative to an alcoholic tipple that comes in at less than 63 calories a bottle.


February’s box proved to be a huge hit for all of us. There wasn’t a product included in it that we didn’t love. If I had to choose, and doing so is extremely difficult this time, I’d have to go for the J20 drinks.


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4 thoughts on “Our February Degustabox Review (And a Discount for You!)

    1. Thanks, Tracey. Why not give them a try while they’ve such a great deal going on? You never know what you will discover that you’ll love and wouldn’t otherwise have tried or known about.

  1. I don’t think I’ve ever seen these versions of J2O before, I will have to check them out, I love the colours they look so summery! X #HomeEtc

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