An Introduction To Genielocker: The Shopping Tool That Will Make Your Life Easier!




Scraps of paper with endless lists. We all have them. To do lists, wish lists, what to buy the kids listswhat if there was a tool out there that did all this for you?

Genielocker can’t promise to organise your entire life but it can promise to remove the stress away from gift buying, wish lists and shopping lists. Whether it’s your child’s birthday coming up, the countdown to Christmas 2016 has started VERY early or you’ve got your eye on one or two treats for yourself; Genielocker is the new online tool that puts everything in order, saves you money and time and we think it’s pretty fun to use too!

Genielocker was founded in 2015 when its founder Paul (Dad of 2) identified a real need for a list-based system that allowed people the ability to create and share wishlists with their close family and friends. With a market that was crying out for contextual based gift recommendations and real time price comparison Genielocker was born. Hoorah!

Genielocker is an easy to use, web-based tool for all UK consumers of all ages. Designed to make gift buying simple, stress-free and enjoyable, Genielocker allows consumers to create wishlists containing products from online retailers without surfing the web. Users are able to search for wanted items within Genielocker or can add items via a Chrome extension. Genielocker works fast to return real-time prices and offers from across the web.

Share your lists with fellow parents and never duplicate gifts at your children’s birthday parties ever again. You can even use Genielocker when planning a BBQ or dinner party! So simple and easy to use and the platform is packed with featured lists and products to inspire you.

We think it’ll change the way you purchase online and we guarantee extra brownie points when you buy someone the gift they really want!






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