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Travelling a lot with young kids means we have had our fair share of travel cots and systems. Travel cots are generally pretty standard but they always take up a large amount of space in a vehicle. NSAuk have solved the problem of needing a compact yet comfortable bed with their Deluxe Pop Up Travel Cot.

This travel cot is unlike any others in that instead of being a fold-away version of a normal cot, it resembles a tent. It also takes no more than two minutes to be assembled as it is a pop up cot, which saves time and hassle of figuring out which pole goes where.

We found so many advantages to this travel cot. It folds away into a zip up bag which means it can easily fit into even the smallest of cars, or can be taken on an airplane as hand luggage. There are two flaps along the side, one which is made of mesh to keep out biting insects, and another which can be zipped up to cover the mesh. It includes a zip-in self-inflating mattress and a washable mat, as well as pegs to fix it to the ground.

The Deluxe Pop Up Travel Cot has become a travel essential for us, whether we’re going away for six weeks or just popping up to the grandparent’s house for the afternoon. It’s a useful object to have when at the beach too as we can simply zip it up and no longer have the problem of the baby becoming covered in sand. It lasts from birth to age 4 which is longer than a usual travel cot.

If you regularly travel with a young child, we can’t recommend the Deluxe Pop Up Travel Cot enough. The NSAUK Travel Cot Deluxe is available from all good retailers including Boots and Amazon.




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