Review: NSAuk 3 in 1 All-Weather Protector



With babies you can never be too careful when it comes to weather. You don’t want them to burn in the sun but rain can cause them to catch a cold. We discovered weather protectors a few years ago on a trip to Italy and we have to say we adore the NSAUK 3 In 1 All Weather Protector. Not only does it have a splash proof rain cover, it also has a sunshade for protection against the sun and a mesh layer that allows the baby to breathe while being protected from bugs.

There are a number of advantages regarding the Weather Protector. It is extremely compact and packs away into a small carry bag when not in use, it’s lightweight, it’s safe and it has a pop up structure which means you save time assembling it every time you use it.

We found it great for our family as we can keep it tucked under a seat in the minibus for when we’re out and about. It’s really handy for when we’re walking somewhere in the rain as you’re saved the effort of pulling out a huge awkward rain cover whereas the protector can be strapped on in less than a minute.

We used it so many times when we were travelling with babies as due to the intense heat the protection was definitely necessary. It kept them from getting both burnt by the sun and bitten by the pesky insects.

The 3 in 1 All Weather Protector by NSAUK is a must-have if you have a young baby. It doesn’t even have to be used only when you’re out walking as you can keep it attached to the car seat when you’re driving, continuing the protection against the sun and insects.

If you’d like to purchase one (RRP: £16.99) visit Safetots here.



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