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It’s common knowledge that children learn through play. Whether it’s shapes, colours or history, there’s always something to be learnt. Timeline puts their brains to the test in areas such as inventions, discoveries, historical events, cinema and music and a recent addition: Star Wars. The set we’ve tried out is Science & Discoveries which is difficult yet very enjoyable! The only aim of the game is to correctly place your cards in the correct spot on the timeline.

It can be played by as few as two players and as many as eight, making it an ideal game to play with friends and family. It’ll test your knowledge and memory as you struggle to remember whether the discovery of Easter Island came before or after the discovery of blood circulation.

It begins with one card being placed so that everyone can see both the date and discovery, and then players take it in turn to choose one of their cards and decide when that event took place. They then put it either to the left (before) or right (after) of the original card so that only the event is visible. The card then gets turned over so that everyone can see the date and whether it was right or wrong. If it’s right – congratulations, you’re safe! If not, the card must be put aside and a new one must be pulled. It gets harder and harder as time goes on!

One of the things we love most about Timeline is that all of their sets can be combined to create a master game. With 110 cards in each box, it’ll definitely be a while before anybody gets bored! All you need to play are the cards as no board is necessary. This makes it great for popping in a bag to take on holiday, and with each game lasting only 20 minutes at most, it’s perfect for those who might lose interest quickly.

Everyone loved the game and it was amusing to see them get worried when they couldn’t remember when an event took place!

We found the concept easy to understand, but remembering dates was more challenging! It was entertaining as well as informative and we are looking forward to buying more sets and building our collection.

It wasn’t just the Science and Discoveries Timeline we loved, but also the newly-released Star Wars version. With many Star Wars fans in our house, we knew it would go down well and this proved to be true. It was so much fun watching them struggle to remember things like which character you saw first in the films, whether Luke found out Darth Vader was his father before or after Chewbacca saw C-3PO in pieces or whether Leia escaped Jabba the Hut before she first met an Ewok. It puts your memory to the test, but don’t worry if you get one wrong – you can always re watch the movies!

You can buy Timeline: Science and Discoveries from Amazon (RRP: £12.99) or you can get Timeline: Star Wars from Amazon here. View more of the Timeline range on the Esdevium website here.




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