Italy Behind the Scenes: Pasticceria Lorenzetti



Located discreetly within a residential street in Verona sits a traditional coffee shop. It is easy to see why Pasticceria Lorenzetti is popular with its customers. Row upon row of mouthwatering confectionery, pastries and cakes greet visitors as soon as they walk in, complemented by the welcoming aroma of hot, fresh coffee.




Today Pasticceria Lorenzetti is run by Daniele and Samantha who welcomed our family and allowed us to take a look behind the scenes, sharing their work with us as we did so.




It was Daniele’s father who started Pasticceria Lorenzetti back in 1970. More than forty years on it is still run from very same place from which it began in the town of San Giovanni Lupatoto.




Daniele began working at the age of 14 and his vast expertise is evident throughout the shop. Patience and artistic talent is undoubtedly something which must run in the family, with Daniele using the original recipes that his father also used and passed onto him.




Daniele and his team of four begin work at 5am each day. It takes them two hours to create all the cakes, pastries and confectionery that will be sold throughout the day. Each day’s products are freshly made from scratch.




Six large fridges within the impeccably clean kitchen store the fresh ingredients required as well as custom-made orders of birthday, wedding and other occasion cakes, some of which take several days to complete. The main fridges out at the front of the shop store a variety of cakes that the customers can choose from but seriously, how could you possibly choose between them?

Conveniently, one of the few Italian words we know is ‘tutti.’


And visiting this place, it was the only word we needed.




Walking on through to the kitchen we had no idea how much better things were going to get. If you are a panettone fan you might want to brace yourself…




There, suspended from the ceiling was a rack full of delicious panettone. They were hung upside down to prevent them from collapsing. To say we were thrilled to see such a sight was an understatement. We thought it was amazing!




We couldn’t take our eyes off them!




Well, can you blame us?




Panettone is one of Pasticceria Lorenzetti’s specialities. Despite making several varieties every day throughout the year, Christmas is always the busiest when it comes to this delicious treat. Daniele and Samantha estimate that they produce approximately 15,000 each year!




Orders for Pasticceria Lorenzetti’s panettone and other products are received from all over Europe and we can honestly say that we have never tasted anything quite like them before. So delectably moist and fluffy and with an enticing fragrance that immediately fills a room, these are far unlike any supermarket version we had ever tried.




The flavour is simply incomparable – yet Daniele remains humbly modest about his talents. So let us be the ones to tell you that this guy and his team are unquestioningly brilliant.




These products are amazing!




We would like to thank Daniele, Samantha and the Pasticceria Lorenzetti team for opening their doors and welcoming us to their business. It was a wonderful experience and we had a marvellous time learning about their work.




And eating cake, of course!




Daniele and Samantha are now hoping to increase Pasticceria Lorenzetti’s exposure within the UK market and will be one of the exhibitors at this year’s Bellavita Expo. We look forward to seeing more of their products on shelves in the UK very soon.




In the meantime you can see more of their products and place an order on their website at and you can watch a short video from our visit behind the scenes at Pasticceria Lorenzetti here. 




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