Review: Gennaro’s Slow Cook Italian by Gennaro Contaldo


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In his new book Gennaro’s Slow Cook Italian (published by Pavilion), Gennaro Contaldo shares the recipes inspired by his childhood. Don’t automatically assume that you will need a slow cooker to pull these off – these recipes were created for slow and lengthy cooking on the hob or in the oven long before slow cookers were something you plugged in and programmed (although all can still be created in the slow cooker if you wish).

The great thing about slow cooking is that even cheap cuts of meat emerge from the pot tasting succulent. Beef brisket is a favourite here and we’ve shared (with permission), one of Gennaro’s recipes from Gennaro’s Slow Cook Italian for Braciolone Palermitano (filled rolled beef cooked in tomato sauce). The recipe is typical of those shared throughout the book; all simple, filling and oh so comforting with the added advantage of only needing a single (and in our case, a very large!) pot.

The book covers a range of recipes for any occasion from warming soups and broths, traditional pasta dishes (and for the record, there is no such thing as spaghetti bolognese), light dishes, and even breads, desserts and preserves to get stuck into. I would say this book is worth buying for the nougat and panettone recipes alone!

Delicious recipes, beautiful photography and lovely anecdotes and tales from Gennaro’s childhood throughout has already made this a favourite in our house, with Paddy in particular noting which recipes to try next.

Gennaro’s Slow Cook Italian is available from all good book sellers including Amazon now (rrp.£20.00).

Read our interview with Gennaro Contaldo here.

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