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The last couple of years have seen us visit Italy for our annual holiday. Well, holiday isn’t quite right – we’ve continued to work while away – the difference being that we work from a  location other than our home. This is where the ability to work and learn remotely, anywhere, any time, comes into its own.

In 2013 we embarked on our first trip to Italy which consisted of a five week road trip around the country (as well as a further three weeks around France) with ten children, nine of whom were under the age of ten. It was during this trip that we completely fell in love with one holiday home in particular.

Situated in the Veneto region of Italy just 45 minutes from indescribably beautiful Venice, an hour from Romeo and Juliet’s fair Verona amd a couple of hours from breathtaking Lake Garda, Villa Zadra and its owners Luca and Ali, made their way into our hearts.

‘Is it even possible to miss a place that isn’t your home?’ Caitlin asked one day. We understood completely. None of us wanted to leave and all of us yearned to return again.

So return we did when we re-visited for four weeks last year. Rather than another busy road trip we this time planned to simply relax and enjoy. We would grocery shop, visit the market, play in the park at the splendid castle in nearby Este, and most of all, we would enjoy just being there.

Once again, none of us wanted to leave. Coming home is an adjustment to a lack of freedom and space that we have there and we all yearn to return again.

Take a look at some of the highlights of 2014 to find out why:



We love the place so much we recommend it to everyone. If you are tempted we wholeheartedly say go for it! Villa Zadra is just an hour away from Bologna Airport (Easyjet do return flights for under £100) and it is fantastic value for money with the most wonderful owners. You can book a holiday with them here.


See more of our family videos on our Larger Family Life Youtube channel here.



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