Because there is nothing quite like handmade…


Recently, a very old and dear friend of mine had a beautiful baby girl. While she was pregnant I had promised that I would bring something back from Italy for the new baby, whose gender was unknown. Despite the length of time we were out there for, we didn’t have much of a chance for shopping and so I didn’t find anything that I fell in love with enough to bring back.

Once we’d received news that baby had arrived it was time to find the perfect gift and so I decided that my gift to the new baby would be something made by me with a lot of love.

After a long break from quilting I decided to pull out my faithful Bernina. I adore that machine more than words can say! Fabric wasn’t an issue. The one thing about doing all this work to the house is that I have discovered stash upon stash of fabric I had long forgotten about. I probably don’t need to buy any more material for years… but I will.

Once I had decided on the fabric it was time to get cutting. I usually start off with a rough idea of what I want to include in each quilt, but then I often find myself adapting and changing it as I go. This results in a unique quilt every single time.




You might also have noticed that the kitchen table (a.k.a ‘The Everything Table’) has changed its colour from beech to white. This was another project I worked on a couple of weekends ago to tie the old dining table and chairs in with the new kitchen design. I’ll show you more of that in a later post.

Quilting time was restricted mainly to the evenings after the younger children had gone to bed. I set everything up as soon as their heads hit their pillows and I found myself getting lost in the world of crafting and quilting and creating once more. I had forgotten how much I enjoyed it –  the stresses of the day melting away as the machine whirred and stitched.

Because my time was so limited it meant that I spent a few evenings working late into the night. It gave me the opportunity to savour the peace while marvelling at how something which starts off as nothing more than yards of fabric in a box can end up as something so pretty.

Eddie has definitely taken his creative streak from me. He’s another one who wants to try everything. A sewing machine is on his Christmas list, learning to quilt is something he wants to try next and everything from pottery to painting is on the radar. I’ve promised him that he and I will visit a craft fair together soon.

My Bernina and I were reunited after so long apart and I wondered why. Why hadn’t I been bothered? Why hadn’t I felt the need to do something I enjoyed so much? Why hadn’t I allowed myself to delve into the crafts I loved doing?

No real reason at all.


Grace's Quilt



I have since bought some beautiful fabric to make quilts for the three youngest girls for their new room but unfortunately setting up the machine isn’t possible. The Everything Table is currently out of bounds while Mike completes work on the new kitchen. The good news there is that the work is almost done – hurrah!

Crafting hasn’t stopped. As well as my fabric stashes I found bag after bag of yarn. So I decided that as winter is coming and as everyone needs new winter clothes, well…


cardigan pieces


…maybe it’s time to get knitting instead?

If you have any crafty ideas for me to try out or if you’ve been working on some projects yourself please do let me know in the comments. I’d love the inspiration!








4 thoughts on “Because there is nothing quite like handmade…

  1. Your evenings sound a lot like mine, I love getting my sewing machine out when the children have gone to bed. It’s so satisfying to make things. And as for knitting, well, I’m completely addicted. I just opened up an Etsy shop a couple of weeks ago, gives me the perfect excuse to keep making things.
    I love the quilt btw, beautiful x

  2. I have just started getting crafty again and recently knitted a wool soaker for my son’s night time reusable nappy. Well, the bug has bitten. My daughter is dinosaur mad so I have started knitting a brontosaurus for her. The bug has bitten!

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