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Loom Band It



If you’ve been caught up in the recent Loom Band craze but aren’t quite sure where to begin, Loom Band It is the answer. Written by professional crafters Kat Roberts and Tessa Sillars-Powell, it gives simple step-by-step instructions which anyone is able to follow, whether they’re a beginner or slightly more experienced. There are sixty projects in the book, from an ordinary chain to a unicorn.

The projects require nothing but a loom, hook, clips, and rubber bands. Most of the plans centre on the Rainbow Loom, which comes with a hook, and so this is the one which they suggest you purchase. Not only does the book give instructions on how to make things, it also tells you how to set up your loom, and gives directions for other techniques.

The book was easy to follow, with none of the instructions being too confusing or complex. Along with the written guidelines, there are also photos which help explain the steps. As a helpful addition, tips were dotted throughout the book on certain projects. On each task was a list of equipment you would need, and both a written and drawn example of the loom configuration.

With so many young crafters in this house it’s important for us to try and come up with creative ideas for them to complete, so Loom Band It, with its kid-friendly approach to looming, helped achieve that. Even some of the little ones were able to make their own simple chains by following the instructions.

You can buy your own copy of Loom Band It (RRP: £9.99) here.



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