Review: NSA UK Three-in-One All Weather Protector

 NSA Weather Protector


When we were on our recent trip to Italy in July, we realised that the weather over there was far sunnier and warmer than anything we had really experienced before. This could have caused a problem for Tim, who turned five months on the trip, as he would have been feeling immense discomfort in the scorching heat. Luckily, we had access to a Travel Essentials Three-in-One All Weather Protector by NSA. This was the product which made things more bearable for him, and in turn, for us.

The product is designed to offer protection to young babies from sun, heat, slight chills, and even snow and rain. It takes the image of a miniature tent, and with a few simple tugs, it can be attached onto the baby’s car seat or buggy. You can use it if you’re taking a walk, or even when you’re travelling to and from your destination in the car. Despite it being made for car use, we found it was slightly awkward manoeuvring the belt strap around the product. The rain cover tucks away neatly into the back when it’s not being used, so you don’t have to worry about messy pieces of fabric flying around.

Not only does it protect the child from the weather, but also insects. We didn’t want Tim to be in pain from the mosquitos which were always flying around, so when we saw the mesh layer which allowed ventilation while keeping bugs out, we made sure it was on as much as possible.

When the Weather Protector is not in use, it can be packed away into is convenient and portable bag. If you want to get it out again, there’s no assembly necessary as it immediately pops up when pulled out.

We noticed that when Tim would kick his legs, he would knock the protector off, which did prove to be a nuisance after constantly tucking it back down. However, the product is durable and created well, and is extremely convenient, just better suited for smaller babies.

You can find out more about the Three-in-One All Weather Protector and other NSA products from their website here. You can also purchase your own from Amazon (RRP: £16.99).

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