Review: BKids Splash ‘N Slide Waterpark Wonder



We find it hard to get some of the kids into the bath. Anyone with children will probably experience it. But with this fabulous BKids bath toy, the difficulty now lies in getting them out!

BKids Splash ‘N Slide Waterpark Wonder really is a wonder. It can get even our most ‘bath-phobic’ child into the bath, where they will play happily (although not quietly!) until they’re all scrubbed clean. They’ll even ask for some extra play time!

It includes all pieces needed to complete the toy, and even comes with a small plastic duck and penguin who look just as excited as the child.

The BKids Splash ‘N Slide Waterpark Wonder has a spinning wheel at the top which you can turn left or right. It’s full of several bright colours, including blue, red, yellow, green and pink. The toy is simple in its style and yet provides much amusement for all involved.

Don’t worry though, it’s no trouble at all to put together. All you have to do is snap the pieced together and off you (or rather, the lucky child) go. If you want to put it away after so as to control clutter, it’s just as easy to take apart and put into storage.

Bath time holds no more tears!

You can purchase your own BKids Splash ‘N Slide Waterpark Wonder straight from the BKids site here. (RRP: £20.00)




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