12 Tips for Stress-Free Family Holidays

Baby in a Suitcase
Whether it is a weekend away or a break abroad, travelling with kids isn’t always easy. While the thought of a stress-free family holiday seems like an oxymoron in itself, there are a few simple things you can do to help keep things running as smoothly as possible. Once you realise how small these changes are you’ll be raring to get packed up for a fun and relaxing getaway. There are only 52 weeks in a year, get away with Hilton today and make one of them count!  

  1. If travelling by car make sure you make regular rest stops to allow all the passengers to get out and stretch their legs. If possible, pack a picnic and stop somewhere that’s suitable for children to run around and burn a little energy. If they tire themselves out enough they may sleep the rest of the way!
  2. Allow your children to take along their favourite toy. Make sure it is clearly labelled, just in case it’s left behind somewhere and needs to be returned home.
  3. Keep a selection of small treats as rewards. Bubble toys, small packs of snacks or a book – anything portable and new to them will serve as great distraction (or bargaining) tools!
  4. Most melt-downs are caused by tiredness or hunger. Keep a supply of snacks such as fruit to hand when time over-runs and blood sugars are running low. Hilton Hotels offer full breakfasts for two adults plus two children up to the age of 12 for no extra cost when booked as part of their Family Fun Package, meaning everyone can get the day off to a great start!
  5. Yes, you are on holiday but a disruption of routine can be confusing and quite upsetting to young children. If you do nothing else, try to stick to meal and nap-times as much as possible – at least for most days.
  6. Boredom can also create restless kids. Keep them occupied and find new things to do and discover as a family. Busy hands and minds don’t tend to have time for melt-downs!
  7. Okay, we know what we said in our last point, but be sure not to overdo the activities either. Young children need a little down-time, and older kids will want some space too. Give the whole family a chance to rest and reflect on everything they’ve done so far, and take time out from doing things and going places to simply relax! Internet access in the privacy of your hotel room can be a lifesaver if you have teens who simply can’t keep away from the latest social media updates!
  8.  Plan ahead. Kids don’t like hanging around waiting, and if we’re honest neither do we – especially when we have children to occupy too! When planning days or meals out plan ahead and pre-book tables and tickets.
  9.  Set realistic expectations. If your children aren’t used to eating in restaurants/staying up late/travelling for prolonged periods when you are at home, they aren’t suddenly going to adapt when you’re away. There are bound to be some upsets sometimes, no matter how well prepared you are. Accepting that there will be a trying moment or two regardless will not bring you down to earth with a bump when you realise not everything is quite going to plan.
  10.  Allow extra time for… everything! Even getting out of the door with babies and young children takes a considerable amount of time longer than it does alone. Allow extra time for preparing to go out for the day, during your excursion, meal-times and more. And don’t try to cram more into a day than you can possibly manage. That’s a sure-fire recipe for disappointment all round.
  11.  Pack some medical supplies. Basics include a thermometer, child paracetamol, medicines for tummy problems, antiseptic cream and plasters. It’s better to have these available and not need them, than to need and not have them!
  12.  Finally, relax and enjoy! These times aren’t forever and soon they’ll be gone so why not book a short weekend break with Hilton? Even the most stressful stories are looked back upon with laughter, so grab a bargain, visit somewhere new and have fun!

  Do you have some tried and tested tips on travelling with kids? Share them with us in the comments below!  


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