Baby 13′s Pregnancy Diary: Week 35


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Last week’s appointment with the consultant went well. There really was no reason for it to go otherwise – I feel well, baby is growing fine and dandy and it’s been a simple, straightforward pregnancy throughout.

Irrespective of the wonderful ease of this pregnancy, I do find the last few weeks so tiring. I find myself willing for the end because the extra weight has me feeling so uncomfortable no matter what I try. Sitting or lying is no help, so the only thing I do is fidget about and pace around, busying myself on my feet instead. This then means my feet ache from being on them continuously.

These things are easily forgotten once baby is born and any discomforts quickly become a distant memory. It doesn’t detract from the fact that we do face challenges and changes, regardless of how much a pregnancy is wanted and yearned for. Yes, we can feel extremely thankful and grateful for the privilege, yet it’s still okay to admit that it isn’t plain sailing. I think we do underestimate how much our bodies go through during pregnancy, and much of the time we fail to give ourselves the credit we deserve for what is essentially very hard work. , whether it is the very first throes of morning sickness through to the birth and labour itself.

The baby is measuring two weeks ahead and feels extremely heavy to me. I have predicted a 15-pounder, although Mike isn’t convinced.

‘It’s going to be in the Guinness Book of Records for heaviest baby in the world!’ I declared as I once again tried rearranging the cushions in some attempt to get comfortable.

It is extremely active a lot of the time making tsunami-like movements across my belly, creating lumps that stick out this way and that way which join the existing, non-baby related lumps of my body also sticking out this way and that way – the difference between the two being only a matter of firmness.

The caesarean section date has now been set for February 20th, leaving us a total of three weeks and two days to prepare. After purchasing yet another couple of sets of drawers we spent the following few days clearing out the children’s clothes and re-arranging storage. Today (yes really), I will finally be getting the newborn clothes out of storage, now that I have room to store them once they have been freshly laundered.

The hospital bags have not yet been packed, but I have now bought everything I need for them. We do need a new supply of cloth nappies and wraps, with the old ones now not being as reliable as they once were. This is likely to cost a small fortune, given there will be 5 in nappies. We’re trying to get Joseph interested in the potty but as yet having no luck. Potty training is not something I love doing at the best of times, but with an exceptionally stubborn child, when daily life is just an effort in general, it’s something that at the moment can only be described as ‘meh!’

I mentioned the issue about the creeping placenta which was seen during our 4d scan a few weeks ago, and while my consultant wasn’t overly concerned she did recommend we have a quick scan to see what the current situation is and how it might affect delivery. On the up-side, at least I get to see baby one more time before it finally arrives.

I am now quite certain that the baby is a boy. A 21lb, record-breaking, bouncing baby boy. What are the chances I’m right? Perhaps the weight might be a slight exaggeration, but trust me, it does feel heavy! What is your guess?









10 thoughts on “Baby 13′s Pregnancy Diary: Week 35

  1. Oh Tania, you do make me chuckle! I think you are similar build and height to me – so there is no way that you will have a 15lb baby! I predict that baby (boy) will be in the 8lb region. No heavier.

  2. I’m guessing 9 lbs 10 oz, to find out sex, thread a needle, and hold the thread over your stomach area and if the needle goes back and forth will be a boy, if it goes in circles it is a girl. Worked for me and anyone I told this to. I just found your dairy today, so curious about names of your other children and ages, this is so exciting and My dad was one of fifteen and he had a twin sister, there was 7 boys and 8 girls, and his mom was a midwife and his dad a farmer.

  3. Blimey! He / she grew 6 1bs while we were reading that! So glad all is going so well. Such a shame you can’t sit down for long and make the most of a rest for a while. It’s so wonderful you are blessed with so many children and as I’m about to hit 50 (in age, not kids!) it seems odd those days are really gone. Go, you! And a boy. 81b 6 ish xx

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