The Basics of Creating a Modern Family Home


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Home extends past the basic meaning of house. It’s about creating an easy living space that stands up to just about everything your day (or your children!) can throw at it.

First things first, you need a reality check. Consider how you and your family really live. Are you hyperactive and chaotic, calm and serene?  With our fast paced lives it’s all about creating the perfect ambiance that that pays attention to everyone’s lifestyle needs, including yours. It’s no good crafting a beautiful abode that will end up looking like a dumping ground. Choose a decorating style that will sustain toddlers terrible twos, video game marathons, DIY dads and super stressed mums. So let’s strip it right back to basics:

If you have resilient materials for the walls and floors, no matter how mantic the house, at the least it won’t fall down…hopefully.


family home 1Floors:

You can’t fight it; floors get the brunt of it especially with little ones around. Carpet is great for crawlers and new walkers but look for carpet suppliers that can produce nylon and wool-nylon blend. They resist stains, wear well and have a soft feel. Even without the kids, stain resistant carpets are vital, a spilt glass of wine here and there? For hallways, kitchens and plays rooms go for easy mop materials. Wood, tile, lino and laminate work well.


family home 2Walls:

We no longer only live in fear of new pen sets and sticky fingers on white, clean walls. No, we now have to protect them from modern day attacks too. Video game controllers flying around, bedroom doors become the score boards. Choosing ‘wipeable’ paint is the only way we’ll save them. The paint is tough and grease resilient too, making it a must. If you think that won’t even keep your little Picasso at bay, give in and use chalkboard paint. You can both play together, creating fabulous art all over the wall that can be simply wiped clean afterwards.

Today’s time pressures mean that it’s imperative we know where everything is. Searching frantically for your son’s football boots doesn’t have to be an option. Of course clutter in unavoidable but from bathroom to bedroom, there are now basic ways to ‘hide’ your mess as art and never be stressed again.

Free standing furniture takes up a lot of space. Think less furniture more built-ins. Multifunctional built-ins are great to stash small appliances, game controllers, toys and books, making them not only close to the point of use but highly accessible.

Get the kids involved and paint individual storage boxes so when they’re all put together they become a picture, like a puzzle. You could even hang a chair up on the wall to keep it out of the way and use it to shelf the children’s books.

If you stick to the basic principles, creating a modern family home is easy. What are your top tips for creating a modern family home?


















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