Baby 13′s Pregnancy Diary: Week 34


Baby shoes



Yesterday marked a month until our pencilled-in date for the c-section. By this time next month we should hopefully be safely holding our newest family member. I shall not comment once more on how quickly this pregnancy has gone by – I have done that in almost every pregnancy diary update, I’m sure.

There is nothing to report that I haven’t reported before either. The usual discomforts of heartburn and night-time aching of the hips is about as problematic as things are, so I really cannot complain. However, the weight and discomfort of an ever.-burgeoning bump is making it very difficult to get comfortable. I find myself especially fidgety towards the end of the day, unable to find a comfortable position in which to sit and preferring to stand or pace about, even though my legs ache. Still, these are minor issues and nothing to be miserable over, knowing that all too soon they’ll once again be a distant memory and largely forgotten.

Baby 13 will be our third February birthday. Ben turns 21 on the tenth, and Harry turns 11 on the 13th. Baby 13 is due to be delivered on the 20th. It’s quite amusing to know that this time next month we will have ten children under the age of 11, 6 of whom will be four-years-old or under; Oliver at 4-years-old, Joseph at 3-years and five months, twins Libby and Anna at 28-months-old, Isobel at 14-months-old and the new baby.

I am off to see my consultant later to finalise and confirm Baby 13’s delivery date. Then tomorrow we will finally begin our preparations. What are the odds that this time next week I will be reporting that my hospital bag is finally packed, the baby clothes are washed and stored and everything is ready and waiting for the new arrival?









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