Baby 13′s Pregnancy Diary: Week 33


Baby shoes

We’re having a baby!

Of course, we knew it. I can’t quite use the excuse that I didn’t realise I was pregnant, my burgeoning uterus won’t allow me to feign ignorance or to plead innocence as to the impending arrival of Baby 13. I don’t know how women experience phantom pregnancies and claim not to have realised they were pregnant, only realising once their stomach aches and constipation led to full-term bouncing babies being unexpectedly delivered.  Do they really have no inkling at all?

The undeniable realisation has finally hit following last week’s 4d scan which has suddenly made everything seem more real. We have a real baby in this expanding waistline, and a real face to put to the cause of the uncomfortable symptoms. It’s a cute face which is responsible for the heartburn, the aching hips, the constant need to visit the loo several times a night, and we know that cuteness makes everything worthwhile, so that’s okay.

Tiredness is becoming more of an issue now, and a recent deal on Spatone has enabled me to stock up enough of a supply to last me until delivery. After all these years of being unable to absorb iron tablets into my body sufficiently enough to make any difference to my low HB levels during pregnancy, it has been pretty great to discover that Spatone is about the only thing which has even come close to solving the issue. If you suffer from low iron levels I would certainly recommend it. Every now and then however, I have the odd day when I have an overwhelming urge to curl up and sleep a lot. It’s uncontrollable and comes on so quickly, yet the following day I’m fine again. The later weeks of pregnancy do make me feel a lot more tired though, so it’s not a new issue to deal with. I suppose that these bouts came about during the run-up to Christmas and all its preparations is no co-incidence, so perhaps now that that’s over I can relax a little – or as far as it is possible to relax!

I can’t believe that our family will be welcoming its newest member in only another five weeks. We’re still not prepared in any sense of the word, and I know I’ve said it so many times already but this pregnancy seems to have flown by so quickly. I do think that we perhaps ought to get a move on now though, given that we’re rapidly approaching the final month. Please tell me I’m not the only one to be so complacent in my preparations?







4 thoughts on “Baby 13′s Pregnancy Diary: Week 33

  1. When I was pregnant with number 6 I literally didn’t pack a bag until a few days before due date and the bag only consisted of nappies wipes and an outfit that was far too big (0-3) for the baby I was carrying! Luckily my friend was more prepared and put a bag of early baby clothes in car after examining my small bump and the need for several late scans due to a baby bump that didn’t grow. But nah as a mam of a few kids you are always more ‘relaxed’ and ‘sensible’ in preparation. Best wishes

  2. I am am homeschooling Mummy , due baby number 10 in three weeks. Spatone….. a resounding YES. As for the whole hospital bag…. hahaha. Don’t even know where the baby crib is, though it can’t be far as Baby number nine is only just out of it! I also wanted the childbearing world to know that having developed varicose veins this pregnancy for the first time ever… that after a little research eating wheatgerm has cured them! Apparently they can be linked to vit e deficiency. I didnt want to risk E supplements as they can hsve adverse effects very occasionaly… but this stuff has done the job,

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