Baby 13′s Pregnancy Diary: Week 27


Baby shoes



It seems like all I say each week is,’this pregnancy is going so quickly!’ I feel so repetitive but forgive me, because this pregnancy does seem to be going by so quickly!

So let’s work through the list, shall we?

Heartburn – check.

Weight gain – immense.

Achy hips at night – yep.

That restless feeling at the end of the day because you’re starting to get too big to get comfy – absolutely.

Names – none at all.

Any other preparations made – nope.

Complacency seems to be a common theme as the family grows. I remember having my first child’s clothes washed, ironed (yeah, like I even do that any more), and put away before I had my 20 week scan. At this rate the baby will be sleeping in a drawer whilst wrapped in an old t-shirt.

Movements are getting stronger now – much stronger. Rather than the gentle, kitten-like padding that it’s been so far the feelings are now more forceful and pronounced. I can feel rolls rather than nudges, so I am reassured that baby is growing nicely.

Apart from that there is nothing much else that I can report. The third trimester is coming towards us and, no doubt the preoccupation of that little event called Christmas will ensure that it too flies by as quickly as the first two trimesters seem to have done.

Tell me, is it just me, or has this pregnancy just seemed to fly by?













One thought on “Baby 13′s Pregnancy Diary: Week 27

  1. It definitely is flying by! Time seems to go quicker with each pregnancy. I’m now over 34 weeks and can’t believe I could have my baby in a month’s time! I’m nowhere near prepared. Just want to get Christmas and new year over with first. That means 5 out of my 10 children will have birthdays in December or January! How’s that for bad planning!

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