Baby 13′s Pregnancy Diary: Week 23


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It is only as I have sat down to begin typing this entry that I have realised just how far we have come already. 23 weeks in already and, as Cait pointed out last week, there are only three months to go until we finally meet our newest member.

Heartburn aside, there have been no other ailments to speak of. It’s been a pleasant pregnancy so far and I hope it will continue to be so. I was disturbed from what I think was a deep sleep yesterday with an aching at the lower left of my belly. Rubbing side of my still squishy lump to ease the pain did the trick – and I settled back into my dream with the thought that round ligament pain is never much fun.

The movements are now getting stronger and more noticable. I still marvel at it all when they begin as I am still at the comfortable stage where the pregnancy isn’t causing any true discomfort and a big, cumbersome belly isn’t getting in the way, so forgetting I am even pregnant is not unusual at pre-occupied times. A gentle nudge or rumble of movement within reminds me that there is something special going on – and of how little time we have left to prepare.

Names are still not decided or even discussed. We have a list of things to do before baby’s arrival and, of course, there is Christmas to prepare for too. With two bedrooms needing redecorating and sleeping arrangements to be reorganised, with Mike and I both studying as well as so many other things going on business-wise which can’t be disclosed just yet, as well as our usual, everyday busy-ness of work, home, family and education going on, boredom is not something which is likely to be an issue. All of this will undoubtedly ensure that the remaining time left during this pregnancy will speed by and we’ll be facing a ticking clock to meet our goals before baby makes its grand entrance into the world.

I have had no ante-natal appointments for a while and none booked in at the moment either. I do have an appointment with my consultant later on this month which I am quite looking forward to but for now it’s life as usual – with a secret person in tow.











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  1. I’m 24 weeks ( I had an appointment yest and I had thought I was 25 so lost a week somewhere lol) it’s so nice now my family can feel baby moving I was snuggling with my 3 year old this morning and she was able to feel it 🙂 I have been getting much stronger braxton hicks this time though ( already eekk!!) x

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