Christmas Countdown: Your week-by-week guide to getting organised for Christmas – Week 3


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We are into November already. Does it feel like Christmas is getting closer yet? If you haven’t started on the Christmas Countdown Plan yet it’s not too late. Click here for Week 1 and Week 2 and use this week to catch up.


Week 3 (w/c 04/11):

This week we’re getting supplies together and working on our cards. Who knew Christmas cards took so much planning? Well, those of us who have been caught with an unsent pile of them still sitting on the shelf at New Year will know just how easy it is for them to fall to the wayside amongst the busyness of everything else going on. I’m guilty of it, I admit!

Will you be sending a holiday letter this year? If so start planning it. What have your family been up to during the year and what do you wish to share? Plan and draft it in preparation for printing.

You should have written your card list during Week 1. Make sure you have included everyone you want to send a card to this year. Go through your address book and double-check the addresses, updating any which have changed since last year.

Use this week to get your supplies ready. Make sure you have enough cards ready for writing and don’t forget to include extra for the children. Postage stamps, sellotape, gift tags, ribbons and wrapping paper should be bought this week ready for use. The good thing is that you can never overbuy – Christmas will still be here next year and any leftovers of these supplies can be considered good organisation for it!

Keep a record of any orders being delivered. Set aside a box or file in which to store all your receipts, making a note of the gifts and recipients in case of any problems after the date. If any orders are damaged or incorrect contact the supplier and deal with issues immediately. Starting early means you have more time to deal with such incidences and make alternative plans if need be.

Keep working through your Christmas gift list, keeping an eye out for the latest deals and bargains. Don’t forget to use cashback sites such as Quidco and TopCashBack to save the most on your spending. You’ll be surprised at how much you can save!



 We have created a printable PDF copy of Christmas Countdown: Your week-by-week guide to getting organised for Christmas – Week 3 for you to print off and keep.

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