Baby 13′s Pregnancy Diary: Weeks 20 & 21


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It’s another double update this week – the reasons being two-fold. Reason number one being a stressful week with site issues, and reason number two being a much simpler ‘because there was nothing to report’.

Heartburn is starting to make itself known more now. Rather than being a mere discomfort it has, once or twice in the last week or so, had me reaching for the antacids. Flowers were not on my list of requests when Mike asked if I would like anything from the shop. Rennie ranked highly though, as did a bag of popcorn and a jar of instant hot chocolate. I didn’t request the marshmallows – not because I don’t like them creating a frothy mound on my mug of steaming hot chocolate – but because I forgot to.

Movements are still rare, or at least they feel rare. It’s possible that the lack of movement I feel is down to a combination of them being so soft and faint, and of me being so busy and preoccupied with everything else in life at the moment.

We’re still no closer to deciding on names. We begin the conversation then seem to digress onto something else. We really ought to work on our concentration skills otherwise this baby will be known as ‘the baby’ forever, which would be an issue when it is forty-years-old and an even bigger issue if it isn’t the last-born.

Next week’s update should be a little more interesting as we have our anomaly scan booked later this week. As always, I feel apprehensive and anxious for it to be over, knowing that all is well and baby is fine. The problem with getting older and experiencing more is that you get older and experience more. You become all too aware that not everything is pleasant, and the scare stories and negative experiences you draw from the past remain firmly in the back of your mind. I’m pretty sure everything is going well yet still, I can’t wait to have firm confirmation that it is.





3 thoughts on “Baby 13′s Pregnancy Diary: Weeks 20 & 21

  1. I was told with this pregnancy that the placenta is at the front which is why the movements didn’t feel as strong.

    Like me you’ve had 3 girls after having several boys in a row. Wonder what we’ll have this time around?!

  2. I’m expecting my 5th in Feb have been feeling movements but only got stronger this week ( I’m 23 weeks) but I’ve always felt mine early. Only notice when I’m still though. I always think it’s not an issue until a bit later on as you miss so many just by being busy. Its all so exciting isn’t it 🙂

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