The BEST Pregnancy Old Wives’ Tales Ever!


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Old wives’ tales and folklore have been around for centuries in every country around the world, covering every possible subject.

We’ve rounded up some of the best pregnancy theories, so whether you want to determine the gender of your next child, want to know what you’re expecting or what your baby’s personality will be when they arrive, we’ve got it here!


Whatever you want:

Some people will do anything to guarantee the sex of their next baby.  If you have a preference you may consider trying the following. Remember though, there’s still a 50/50 chance of either!

The Chinese believe you should eat the following foods 7 days before conception to determine whether you will fall pregnant with a boy or a girl:

For a boy they recommend you eat carrots, lettuce, mushroom and tofu but if you want a girl they suggest fish, meat, pickles.

Try placing a pink ribbon under your pillow, and a wooden spoon and pair of scissors under your bed if you want a girl.


Pregnant? So what is it?

There are quite a few tales surrounding finding out the sex of the baby before it arrives. Considering the popular sonogram can get it wrong, we suggest you take the following with a big pinch of salt!


Pull the skin under your left eye down. If you see a ‘V’ or branches in the white then you’re having a girl. Actually, you’re only guaranteed of having a sore eye but still…

Listen in:

If the heart beat is above 140 beats per minute baby is a girl. If it’s below then it’s a boy.

Study the load:

If you’re carrying a lot of weight out front it’s a girl. If it’s all around your hips and bum, it’s a boy.

How’s it hanging?

Carrying low? Then it’s a boy. High for a girl.

Handy stuff:

If a pregnant woman is asked to hold her hands out and she holds them palm-side up, she’s having a girl. Palms-down and it’s a boy.

On the move:

According to Malaysian theory, if your baby kicks a lot then it’s a boy.

Who-whoo are you?

The Malaysians also believe that if the mother hears an owl, the baby will be a girl.

Feed me now!

If you crave salty foods or vegetables then your baby is a boy. Craving something sweet or fruit, then it’s a girl!

Try the wedding ring test:

Tie your wedding ring to a thread. Lie down and hold it over your belly. If it swings back and forth it’s a boy but if it goes around in a circular motion it’s a girl.


Nature or nurture… or something else entirely?

According to German superstition, if you lie a baby on their left side after birth they will grow up to be clumsy.

The Chinese believe an ‘inny’ belly button is a sign of future success and happiness. Any ‘innies’ out there to vouch for this?!

Suffering from heartburn? If so your baby will be born with a lot of hair. However, if your baby is born with teeth you will find yourself pregnant again soon after giving birth!

If your baby has a straight hairline your next baby will be a boy. If their hairline ends in a ducktail then you’ll be having a girl next time! (Okay, so who is now checking all their children’s hairlines?)


Got any more theories and tales to add? Let us know the comments below!

If you’re pregnant and try out any of the theories above do let us know – especially if you already know the gender of your baby. Don’t forget to come back and update us when your baby arrives if you don’t already know. Remember though, it’s all in the name of fun, so no suing us if they don’t work, okay?!


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