Find out whodunnit with Cluedo!




1926 Wood Flooring’s campaign ‘Bring back the board game’ looks to bring families back together through these rainy days, and what better way than through a classic game? Why sit in front of the television and watch a mystery series when you can solve your own, with your family while still in your very own home?

When you think of typical mystery games, the first one to pop to your mind is probably Cluedo. One murder, six suspects, Cluedo is the classic whodunnit drama. It’s the game where nothing goes unquestioned, and those who seem to be the most innocent are the guilty ones.

Cluedo still holds the same aim as it always has done. The game isn’t over until the guilty person has been uncovered, and to do this you need to turn the mansion upside down. Watch your back and befriend nobody. Ask questions, suspect everyone and ransack the entire place if you have to. Just don’t let Mr Samuel Black’s murderer escape.

This will keep you and the other players entertained the whole way through as you all eagerly await your turn, wanting to be the one who solved the mystery. It’s suitable for children over eight years of age and up to six players can play. Why not invite some additional friends over and play in teams to uncover the drama?

Cluedo is available from all good retailers now.



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