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mask n ask

We’ve all played that ‘Who am I’ game. You know the one, the one where you stick a post-it note on somebody’s forehead and they have to guess what they are.

Mask ‘n’ Ask from Drumond Park is a new game not unlike the post-it note game, yet also unique in its own way. It has the basic principle yet also a huge twist that takes the game a stage further.

There are 30 beautifully painted, double-sided masks included, along with the other necessary pieces. Some sides have amazing animal faces painted on them, others have hilarious human characters. No two faces are the same, as on the animal side you may find things such as an elephant, crab, pig, sheep, lion, gorilla, ostrich, and so many more. On the human face side you’ll see faces from clowns and fire-fighters to Old Mother Hubbard and Queen Victoria. So that’s thirty double-sided masks, meaning sixty faces to choose from. This’ll keep the kids entertained for hours.

Since there are double sided masks, the board is also double sided; the children (or adults!) get to choose whether they’d prefer to play as human characters or animals. Once they’ve chosen, they get a pair of glasses in the colour of their choice from red, green, yellow and blue. They then have to take a mask without looking, clip it onto their glasses, and the game begins! 

The game itself is a simple concept; you spin the spinner, move their piece and then ask a question in order to gain more clues and guess what their mask is. For a person’s face, they could ask things such as ‘Am I in a nursery rhyme?’ or ‘Do I wear a hat?’ and for an animal they could ask whether they have a beak or not or something along those lines.

They don’t have to worry about thinking questions up for themselves either, if they feel unable to. Before the game starts, players get a set of double-sided tokens, which they then place on a question spot when they land on it, with either their ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer showing, allowing them to play the game without stressing over having to remember what their character looks like, making the game more fun for all.

Once a player guesses his mask, they choose another one. If they guess that one, they choose another again. The player who guesses 3 masks has won the game!

This game is suitable for 2-4 players aged 7+.

You can follow Drumond Park on Twitter and like their Facebook page. Mask ‘n’ Ask is available from all good retailers now (RRP: £16.99).

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