Baby 13′s Pregnancy Diary: Week 14

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There is very little to report this week.  The midwife’s car broke down as she was on her way to visit us for my booking in appointment last week so we had to re-schedule.  We now have the community midwife scheduled to visit at the end of this week instead.  There have been no scans to report and so, this update is set to be quite boring.

I feel relatively well, albeit tired at times.  I still look fat rather than pregnant and don’t really feel any different to usual, I have to admit.  I just feel fat and frumpy, and some days I desperately wish someone would whisk me away for an all-inspiring, caterpillar-to-butterfly like makeover.  Where oh where is this mid-pregnancy glow that is so often talked about?

One thing which has seemed to affect me this week is nosebleeds.  I was busily tapping away on an article for a client, stopping every-so-often to blow my extremely congested nose and, quite professionally, continued to hammer away while discarding the tissue to one side of my desk.  It wasn’t until I ran out of tissues and glanced around that I noticed the blood-sodden pile to my left.  I wondered momentarily what it was and who had put it there, until I realised that it was me.  The article I was writing must have been somewhat interesting for me to be so engrossed in it, for me not to realise that my nose was bleeding for however long it was.

It would be lovely to know how many readers are currently pregnant themselves.  If you are do let me know and leave your due date below, and link back to your blog if you’re writing about it too.  I’d love to see how others are finding their journey too.


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7 thoughts on “Baby 13′s Pregnancy Diary: Week 14

  1. I’ve been suffering from nosebleeds too and my hay fever has been awful. I’m 21 weeks now and after looking fat and frumpy for several weeks I’m now looking definitely pregnant!

  2. Hello Tania,

    I left a message on your 13 week update, I’m currently 14 weeks 4 days. My due date is 28/02/2014.

    Congratulations x


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