What do kids ask Father Christmas for most? A baby brother or sister of course!




According to a survey of 2,000 British parents conducted by Westfield London and Westfield Stratford City, the most requested gift that kids ask Father Christmas for is a baby brother or sister.

This is closely followed in second place by requests for a reindeer while in third place is a pet horse.

Some parents may choose to splash out on a car, the fourth most in-demand gift – even though their kids are too young to drive, while in fifth place is their very own pet pooch.

Top 10 funniest Christmas presents, as requested by British children:
1.      Baby brother or sister
2.      Reindeer
3.      Horse
4.      Car
5.      Dog
6.      Chocolates
7.      House
8.      Snow
9.      Rock
10.     Dad

17 out of the top 50 requests are for animals but while traditional fish, cats and hamsters did make the list, more unusual pets including chickens, elephants and donkeys were also requested by British children.

Nowadays children’s letters to Father Christmas are filled with requests for the latest electronic gadgets to hit the shelves, with iPhones and iPads both appearing in the top 50 most desired Christmas gifts.

The UK’s mums may be a little upset to hear that while ‘Dad’ came in at number 10, ‘Mum’ only made it in as the 23rd most requested present on their little one’s lists.

And also making it on the list were the simple pleasures in life – a hug and a rainbow being requested too.

So, going back to that top request… let’s prepare for a rush of September babies, shall we?!




One thought on “What do kids ask Father Christmas for most? A baby brother or sister of course!

  1. Lily prays to Jesus most days for a baby sister (she is the only girl in our family, with 4 brothers). She also asked Santa for a sister the other day too. Let’s hope Jesus answer her prayers 😉

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