How to make a Pompom Christmas Wreath



How to make a Pompom Christmas Wreath



Making pompoms is something most kids love to do.  It keeps them occupied for ages and even young children can learn to make them quickly, although they do need an adult’s help with cutting and finishing them off.

This fun Pompom Christmas Wreath is a fun activity that the whole family can join in with to make a one of a kind wreath to display with pride!


How to make a Pompom Christmas Wreath



1 ball of red wool

1 ball of green wool


Craft wire or old wire coathanger





Step 1: Make your discs


Step 1:  Take your cardboard and draw around a cup or beaker to create your circle.  Each pompom needs two circles.  Cut them out then cut a smaller circle out of the centre so that it looks like a ring doughnut.


Step 2: Wind the wool around the cardboard discs


Step 2:  Place two discs together.  Cut a length of wool and tie one end around the discs.  Start wrapping the wool around the disc, working your way around until it is completely covered.


Step 3: Completely cover your discs


Step 3:  Keep working around the disc with your wool until it is completely covered.  When the length runs out tie some more onto it.  Keep working your way around several times until your discs are covered by a thick layer and the hole at the centre becomes too small to feed any more wool through.

Experiment with the wool.  As well as making solid green or red pompoms you can achieve different effects by mixing the two different colours together, or by wrapping the discs with one colour then another colour.  To work through your pompom faster you can work with two or three lengths of wool at a time, feeding them through and wrapping them around all together.


Step 4: Cut the wool around the discs


Step 4: When your discs are completely covered in a thick layer of wool carefully take a pair of scissors and start cutting around the edge in between the two discs of cardboard.  Be careful that a) you don’t pull the wool out as you haven’t yet secured it and b) perhaps more importantly, be careful you don’t cut yourself!


Cut pompom


Step 5: Once you have cut around your pompom it should look like the picture above.


Tie the centre of your pompom to secure


Step 6: Now you need to secure your pompom so that it doesn’t fall apart.  Cut a short length (about 6″) of wool.  Slot it in between the two cardboard discs and tie a tight knot in the centre of the ball.  You may want to tie it two or three times.


Remove the cardboard discs


Step 7: Carefully and without pulling at the wool pull away the cardboard discs.  You can also cut them away if you don’t want to re-use them.  Your pompom should like the picture above.


Fluff up your pompom!


Step 8: Gently roll your pompom around in your hands to bring it together into a fluffy ball.  Now it looks like a proper pompom!


Shape your wire into a circle.


Step 9: Cut your craft wire or old coat-hanger to the length required and shape into a circle.  Remember to include a loop at the top for hanging.


Tie pompoms onto wire


Step 10: Cover the loop at the top by wrapping wool around it.  Tie each pompom onto the wire until the wire is completely covered.


Your very own, original Pompom Christmas Wreath to be proud of!


There!  Now you have your very own, original family Christmas Wreath!

























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