Baby 12 has arrived!

The last time I updated the pregnancy diary I mentioned that I had been experiencing tightenings and was debating whether to go to hospital to be checked over.

We did and I was admitted as something was indeed getting underway. My section was brought forward.

And so we can now announce the safe arrival of Baby 12 – a beautiful little girl weighing 8lb 8oz and measuring 54cm in length, whom we have named Isobel Maria. She was born at 13.47 on Wednesday, 21st November with the most generously abundant head of dark hair I have ever seen on a newborn, pretty blue eyes and a dimple on her left cheek… just like her big sister Anna!

Photos and a more detailed update will be posted here once I have been discharged from hospital but you can see a selection
over on the Larger Family Life Facebook page at

5 thoughts on “Baby 12 has arrived!

  1. CONGRATULATIONS!! So delighted for you! I’ve seen a picture of her and she’s the image of you! She’s so gorgeous you must be on cloud nine. Wishing you all lots of love and happiness. PS you’re obviously on a run of girls now!

  2. What wonderful news, many congrats to you all.
    also such a beautiful name Tania, get pics up we are all dying to see your wee one.
    Kim x

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