Forget diamonds – it’s my dishwasher that is my best friend!



When our family was smaller I had the firmly held belief that we didn’t need a dishwasher.  After all, I had two hands which did the job well enough, thank you very much.

Then our family began to grow… and grow… and so did the pile of dirty dishes, which meant so did my time standing at the kitchen sink.  And so I started wondering just how much a dishwasher would actually help.  By the time we saw one for a bargain price from a number of dishwasher deals during one January Sale it didn’t take much convincing that we could, you know,  try it out… just to see what the fuss was, you understand.

Well, from the very first wash I was hooked!  ‘The plates squeak!’ I exclaimed to Mike after the first load had finished washing.  I was amazed at how the glasses sparkled and oh, the time saved!  From that moment I was hooked – I was sold.  I vowed I would never be without a dishwasher again and, along with my washing machine, it became one of the must-have-no-matter-what appliances on my forever list.

This vow hasn’t come without its problems though.  Given that we do have a larger than average family and so run the dishwasher more than the once or twice a day that they’re probably designed to do combined with the fact that we live in one of the greatest hard water areas in the UK, it became apparent that dishwashers in this household normally need replacing regularly – every two years on average in fact.  There are several tips for prolonging the life of your dishwasher but sometimes there comes a point financially where it is more cost effective to compare dishwashers and check out the latest deals than to keep repairing the same machine.  When this has happened we have sometimes needed to wait a month or two (or even several) before our budget has allowed us to replace it, but it is something I unashamedly admit is a compulsory luxury (if that is even possible?!) for our family.














(This post was brought to you in association with Dishwashing Expert). 




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