Pregnancy Diary: Baby 12 in 2012 – Week 37




We have now passed the 37 week mark and the final countdown now begins with only ten days until we meet Baby 12!

I won’t repeat how I am amazed at how quickly time has passed during this pregnancy because you’ve heard it all before – but it really has flown, hasn’t it?!

Heartburn is an almost permanent resident within my body and it’s fighting the eviction notices of any antacid landlords I can send in.  The braxton hicks have moments where they become so intense that they take my breath away.  Yet still, apart from that and the occasional round ligament pain, mainly whilst I’m tossing and turning in bed – which really can’t be described as tossing and turning but more akin to a beached whale trying to heave and hurl itself back into the water – I’m doing well.

A midwifery appointment last week provided continued reassurance that all is good.  Baby 12 is no longer lying back to back and has now flipped around and lying, well, sort of diagonally.  With the doppler measuring the heartbeat at approximately 126bpm both the midwife and I guessed that baby is a boy (which has been my feeling all along) given the old wives tale of a heartbeat above 140 beats per minute indicating that baby is a girl, and beats below 140 per minute for a boy.  It is all theory and tales though, with no guarantee and to be taken lightly with a pinch of salt.  My only concern is that I am safely holding our new baby after a straightforward, uncomplicated delivery next week.

The hospital is still disallowing filming of the birth and I am surprised at just how disappointed I am about it.  I mean, I knew I would be disappointed should they refuse, but I am really quite sad at having to miss this opportunity to have Baby 12’s arrival recorded in such a rare and special way for what seems like no real or valid reason.  I am still hoping and praying that the Powers-That-Be there will have a change of heart.  What a beautiful moment it would be to have for posterity… and of course, for sharing with those of you who would like to see it too!

Still, ten days to go.

Only ten days to go!

How exciting!



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