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As we rapidly approach the end of October (has this year really gone that fast?!), we turn our thoughts to Christmas.  I love this time of year!  I really do love it, and love that I can share it with a gaggle of excited children who are already planning what treats they’ll be leaving Santa as a big ‘Thank You’ for all his hard work.

There is no doubt that things have changed since I was a child.  Then you posted your letter to Santa and hoped and hoped and wished and wished that he received it safely.  Sometimes you’d see Santa in his grotto at the local shopping centre but that was just about it.  Now though, things are very different!

Within the next couple of weeks your child will be able to send a message to Santa telling him all their hopes and wishes for Christmas morning.  And if they are in any doubt at all that Santa truly knows whether they’ve been naughty or nice they need not wonder any longer.  We discovered last year that Santa… knows… everything!

Santa sent our children a special, personalised video where he told us things that only he would know!  Do you know that Daddy found himself on the naughty list last year?  Yes, it was amusing for us too!

Within the next couple of weeks your child will be able to receive their very own personalised video too – or perhaps a letter would be just as treasured?  They would probably love to see a certificate hanging on their wall, proclaiming proudly that they have made the ‘Nice’ list this year – I wonder if I will get one too?!  Honestly, to see little faces as they watch Santa’s message just for them is so precious to see.  And they’ll remember exactly what Santa has told them, and then repeat it to anyone who will listen – probably several times over!

This is such a magical world designed to bring the sparkle and excitement to life.  The site also contains those hard to answer questions that children ask, so if they’ve wondered just how Santa can visit the whole world in one night you can find out the answer right there.

I love this site and I’m sure you’ll love it too – I know your children will!













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