Pregnancy Diary: Baby 12 in 2012 – Week 30




There is something about hitting the 30 week mark which makes me do an about turn on my pregnancy count-up and turns it into a pregnancy count-down instead.  Normally we count back from ten as pregnancy lasts 40 weeks, but we know that we’re scheduled in for the c-section on November 22 when I will be 38+5 weeks.  This means that instead of hitting 30 weeks with the celebratory ‘Just 10 weeks to go!’ we are saying ‘Just eight weeks and five days left!’.

Which means there are also only eight weeks and five days (well, four days today) left to get everything ready.  I need to sort out new storage space for the baby and get the new baby clothes washed and put away.  We need to set up the new triple bunk bed.  Actually we need to buy the new triple bunk bed.  And we also need to do the whole rearranging of beds in getting the twins into the other bedroom and Joseph out of his cot into the big bed.

I ought really to get the hospital bag ready at some point.  Oh and I need to wash the tiny baby nappies.  And I need to buy the new baby’s going home from hospital outfit as is tradition.

And there we have October’s to-do list.

Pregnancy-wise everything is fine.  I haven’t yet received the results of my last blood test which was taken a few months ago so I am not sure how my HB levels are doing.  I’m beginning to feel a little more tired now, something I know is going to start getting worse as the end of pregnancy nears and I’m starting to feel rather heavy and uncomfortable by the end of the day but apart from that I am feeling well.

I cannot believe how quickly this pregnancy has progressed though.  It seems to have flown by so fast, feeling like only yesterday that I found out I was pregnant again and now we are already at the 30 week mark.  When did that happen?

The family is still having the boy v girl discussion with only Oliver convinced that the new baby is a girl.  Having had a run of six boys in a row it would be nice to have a small run of girls to balance things out a little more, but either is going to be lovely.  I am certain that this baby is another little boy.

What do you think?


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