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One issue that parents of many children who are very young and close together in age is that of finding a changing bag which meets their needs.

Not only do you need storage space for the usual nappy changing and feeding supplies, spare clothes, dummies, toys and other paraphernalia that one child accumulates but you need it to cater for several of the little angels.

We recently had the opportunity to review the PacaPod Mirano and thought that this bag would definitely be put through its paces.  Did PacaPod really know what challenge they had willingly put themselves up against?

We presently have four of our children in nappies.  As we use cloth nappies the amount of space they take up is greater than that of disposables so not only do we have the issue of needing a bag large enough to handle everything we needed it to, it also needed to take into account that our nappies were bulkier too.

Our first impression when the PacaPod Mirano arrived was to “ooh” and “aah” over the design and quality of the bag.  The durable matt coated canvas provides a tough exterior which is also easy to wipe clean so that ticked off one requirement.  Well, three actually.  I want a bag that is low maintenance, looks good – preferably not resembling a changing bag at all – and is easy to keep clean with the minimum of fuss.  Tick, tick and tick.

The bag is tardis-like with a generous capacity of over 32 litres and the design has kept in mind a parent’s need for keeping things as organised as possible.  There is nothing like being in mid-poopy-nappy change and realising the wipes are tucked way under something else which you are sure you placed at the other end of the bag.

The PacaPod Mirano’s handy compartments offers a place for everything and no reason not to keep everything in its place.  In a separate, zip-up compartment at the front of the bag are two smaller pods – one for feeding bottles or equipment and the other for nappychanging supplies.  Both pods can be removed and used independently of the bag so useful if you need to use the extra storage space within the bag itself and are happy to carry the pods separately, or if you just need to grab a pod and go leaving the bag behind.

The insulated feeding pod has enough space to hold four bottles or an array of weaning equipment for feeding your toddler on the go and also includes a detachable insulated bottle cover.  The changing pod would easily be able to hold several disposable nappies yet even with their added bulk we were able to store several terry nappies in it.  The rest of the nappy supplies fit comfortable in the ample space provided within the main compartment of the bag.

The PacaPod Mirano offers the parent several ways of wearing the bag whether they prefer carrying by the handles or across the body using the adjustable shoulder strap.  For those wanting to keep their hands free there are also the very useful straps on the main bag and also on the pods enabling you to attach the bag directly onto the buggy handle.

The main section of the bag contains three parent pockets providing a safe place to keep keys, mobile phone and purse or wallet saving all the hassle of rummaging around to find what you’re looking for.  No more digging for wayward keys at the bottom of the bag, spilling out the other contents of the bag as you go!

With an rrp of £95.00 the PacaPod Mirano has a price tag I would have balked at in an instant.  The thought of spending that much on a bag with the purpose of carting around baby supplies really isn’t something that I would have considered.  That is, until I saw it for myself.

The quality of the bag speaks for itself and I know that it will last a very long time despite the fact it will be frequently tested to its limits.  The style of the bag doesn’t scream “baby changing” at all and so can be used in a number of ways – as a weekend bag or just as a general, large shopper.

I love the way it is laid out.  The pod system and storage space is an ingenious design idea and I like that the pods can also be used independently of the bag too.  The simple touches like the parent pockets and the handle straps provide a massive practical advantage and the fact that it is so easy to clean and look after, keeping it looking good effortlessly is also a big bonus.

Try as I might I really cannot fault this bag at all.  If like me you would normally find the expense a little high I would say that if there was a chance you could have a splurge on just one thing, make this it.  It will last for years and years and cater for several young children with no problem.

You can find the PacaPod Mirage and see more of the PacaPod range at, and you can also buy one from Amazon now.

5 thoughts on “Review: PacaPod Mirano

  1. Oh my goodness I’m loving these bags. I’m after a changing bag for my foster son who is disabled, it’s so hard to get practical but age appropriate these are gorgeous. Just need to convince husband of my need.

  2. I love the look and practicality of this bag. I would be slightly put off by the price as I’m not one for purchasing extravagant things for myself

  3. How has the bag held up over time? Any updates to your initial review? Pacapod is still relatively new in the US. Thank you so much for your help!

    1. I can safely say that the Mirano is still my favourite bag of all time. The mini pods have proved invaluable for grabbing and taking necessities when the whole bag isn’t called for. We’ve used it extensively when travelling for months at a time and it’s still as strong as ever as well as maintaining its style. Definitely still a very strong recommendation for this bag!!

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