Pregnancy Diary: Baby 12 in 2012 – Week 21





Since the consultant wants to perform the caesarean at 38 weeks it means we have just seventeen weeks of this pregnancy left.  Within four months we will have a new addition to the family – it’s strange to think of it that way.

We have the anomaly scan booked for next Tuesday.  As always it will be a time of nerves and worry.  The thing with being a more experienced, older mother is that I’ve found I become more aware of all the things that can go wrong.  I’ve said before about how I yearn for the naivety I had during my earlier pregnancies when the anomaly scan was simply another chance to ooh and aah over my baby.

The movements are getting stronger now.  I do sometimes have to stop and concentrate if I think I haven’t felt them for a while as they don’t often make themselves known whilst I’m busy or preoccupied.  At the moment I tend to feel them more when I’m paying particular attention to looking out for them.

I still feel well although a little tired.  I’m not sure what my HB levels are during this pregnancy but I’m sure they’ll be low as they always are during this time due to me having Thalassaemia Trait.

Still if low HB levels are all I have to deal with then I’m pretty lucky, I guess.



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