Pregnancy Diary: Baby 12 in 2012 – Week 16



Keeping this pregnancy quiet for so long has meant that most of the time so far has crept  by quickly and quietly without any record of its passing.

I don’t have a write-up of the first trimester and nothing really to report anyway which isn’t a bad thing at all.

The first trimester was spent feeling tired, a little nauseous but quite fine apart from that.  We have had no complications at all to give us any concern and no appointments or scans until I was almost 13 weeks.

The children didn’t know about the new baby until we pulled the bus up outside.  Harry, Eddie and Sid were on a fun day so missed it completely and didn’t find out until that evening.  Caitlin, Paddy, Oliver, Joseph and the twins were with us and we broke the news to them just as we were about to walk in and have the scan done.  I don’t know how Joseph and the twins felt about it but Caitlin and Paddy were thrilled – Paddy already began planning names and whether the baby was a boy or girl before we’d crossed the car park!

Ben was busy on his computer that evening when Paddy broke the news to the rest of the family.  Grandad had already had a couple of glasses of wine and needed the scan picture that Paddy showed him explaining a bit.  No, Grandad, it isn’t the twins.  It’s the new baby, Grandad.  What do you mean what new baby?  The one in Mummy’s tummy, of course!

Ben barely glanced away from his screen.  Are you serious?  Yes.  Oh, good!

Steph’s reaction was rather more enthusiastic: “Oh, I’m so excited!”.

Well, that’s more like it!

During our pregnancy with the twins we had been left feeling slightly flat and very disappointed with the midwife who was taking care of us.  Both Mike and I were reluctant to be under her care again and looked into hiring an independent midwife who would provide constant, regular and dependable care throughout my pregnancy.

We contacted several and finally met with one last week.  This was the furthest I had gone in a pregnancy before receiving any kind of care at all so felt a little under pressure to finally get something sorted.  I was thankful that she seemed very knowledgeable, extremely nice and wonderfully reassuring.  Both Mike and I felt at ease with her and I am looking forward to this pregnancy now that the necessities of arranging care are all out of the way.

We went through the booking in forms.  I had previously written up my obstetric history and saved it to my computer otherwise it takes an age to go through it and complete the forms with the midwife!  And best of all we heard baby’s heartbeat for the very first time.  Even though I do have my own doppler I hadn’t even tried to listen in yet thinking that at 15 weeks and a day it would still be a little early.

So that’s just about the story of this pregnancy so far!



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