Even though I felt I was organised enough to bring my work and laptop on holiday in the hope of keeping on top of things early in the morning and whilst the children were in bed on the evening, it hasn’t quite turned out that way.

The cottage we have hired, whilst lovely, does not have a signal at all. I can’t use my mobile or my laptop and that means I can’t do my work or update this site properly.

At the moment I am sitting on the beach tapping away on my mobile but really it’s just not as simple as using the laptop.

I guess this means I have to accept that until the weekend at least I will remain unplugged and well and truly on holiday.

There probably won’t be any updates here for a couple of days as I don’t want to lug the laptop around to wherever I can connect it. I will still be checking into Facebook (http://www.Facebook.com/largerfamilylife) and Twitter (http://www.twitter.com/largerfamilylife) when I can – most likely as we are travelling about.

Do join me there if you don’t already and I’ll make up for my absence here after Friday (and that will include this week’s Help Oliver Walk Auction updates).

In the meantime you can get in touch with me via email and I’ll reply when I can.

But for now I’m off to dip my toes in the sea!

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