Two guarantees in life


This has been a weekend of trying to catch up with all the bits and pieces I hadn’t got around to doing the week or two before.

Unfortunately it wasn’t a week of catching up household wise as then there might be some semblance of organisation and normality.  Rather, it was a weekend of website related activities.  Whilst I love how Larger Family Life has grown over the years it is definitely needing a lot more nurturing and a far greater amount of work put into it than I ever envisaged it needing.  This is not a complaint by a long shot but I do need to make sure I keep on top of things and sometimes life, well, it gets in the way, you know?

Now I have a stack of parcels all packaged up and ready to be sent to their recipients, I have several posts crossed off my list, a couple other articles written, recipes photographed and ready to be typed and I almost have next month’s competitions organised although not yet written up.

Not least was the task of making sure all my paperwork was ready for the accountant this morning.  I spent much of the afternoon worrying that everything wasn’t quite as it should be regarding my record keeping.  It was reminiscent of being back at school and knowing that although you’ve had several weeks to polish off your essay you’ve left it until the last minute on Sunday knowing that it’s due in first thing.

There is something that makes me feel very grown up about having to deal with the accountant, yet I still feel incredibly child-like too.  This is probably attributed to the fact that this is the same accountant that did my dad’s books for more years than I have lived and so he watched me grow up throughout my entire life (so far).

I suppose I had better go and check and double check on the things I need to take.  Oh, and perhaps getting ready to leave in the next hour might be an idea.  There are only two guarantees in life – death and taxes.  Today I hope only to deal with the latter.

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