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The last six months have brought about many changes.

An extra two people arrived into our family in the shape of twin baby girls, then my dad was diagnosed with lung cancer which, if you follow Larger Family Life on Facebook and Twitter. you’ll know was incorrect.  His health isn’t great but it’s not lung cancer – or at least they are 80% sure that it isn’t.  Which still leaves the remaining 20% uncertainty…

A couple of months into the year Dad moved in with us, with Ben coming back home shortly after.  It is lovely to have them here but the house is beginning to feel a little… small!

We’ve been flip-flopping about for months trying to make decisions about our lives.  Do we move or do we stay?  Do we put money, time and effort into our house or invest those things into starting afresh somewhere new?  What are the things we are unhappy about and can we do anything to change them?

With every decision there are risks and gambles and compromises.  The question when dealing with them is, how far are we prepared to risk, gamble and compromise?

Do we stay with the safe and the familiar where nothing much changes but you know what to expect?  Or do we take a leap of faith and a risk, where the unknown is quite terrifyingly scary and you’re not sure if, once you’re treading water, you’ll be able to swim.

No, I’m not going into details.  It’s the whole internet privacy thing again.

Decisions, decisions.  What to do?

3 thoughts on “Decisions, decisions

  1. What’s life without some risk? Boring, that’s what!

    Easier said than done I know, my family is currently in the middle of some risk-taking that we’re yet to know the result of and it can be scary.

    But what’s the worst that can happen 😉

  2. I understand about risks. 2 years ago, we started our own catering business, after converting our living room into a commercial kitchen. 8 months later, my husband leaves his day job and is fully working from home. It still is scary sometimes, for we have to put in a bid each year to the county for the job (we have the “meal on wheels” contract, which is an elderly feeding program funded by the county). But you know, we have trust in the Lord about this and we believe that He won’t let us drown.

    If whatever you are pondering is from Him, He will do the same for you.

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