The Help Oliver Walk Auction: The Countdown Begins



The month of May is upon us in just eight more days and that means the Help Oliver Walk Auction will be kicking off.

There are lots of fantastic prizes which have been donated by some wonderful companies and individuals who have kindly supported our cause.  Now it’s your turn.

If you haven’t yet done so you can read Oliver’s story here.   The auction will be running throughout the month of May and we will have everything from beautiful, handmade jewellery to toys, from hotel breaks to designer handbags up for auction.  Each day at least one new item will go up for auction and every, single penny made goes to Oliver.  Not one penny is held back for postage or packing.  Everything will go to Help Oliver Walk.

I need you to please use this week to spread the word about the auction.  I’d like as many people to know about it as we can reach, so that we can get as many bids and raise as much money as possible.  Honestly, I’m having nightmares that we won’t raise anything and the whole thing will fall flat!  If we can even raise £1000 to Help Oliver Walk I’ll be happy.

Please spread the word.  Tweet it, Facebook it, write about it on your blogs – anything at all.  You can use the share buttons above and below this post and do it in seconds.

It is not too late for companies to join in if you haven’t done so already.  If your business would like to donate an item for auction please contact me at or via Twitter using the handle @LargerFamily.  You can also make monetary donations directly via Paypal to the email address or through Oliver’s Just Giving page.

To find out more about Oliver and his story visit his site at



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