Lunch Date



It isn’t often that Mike and I get to go out without the children.

Today will be no different.

Except today we will only have the twins with us because Ben is very kindly looking after everybody else for a couple of hours so that Mike and I can have a little time together without someone needing their nose wiped, their nappy changed or making puking sounds any time we hug or kiss.

Because we still do that.


Well, quite often, actually.

There isn’t a fancy meal planned.  There is no table at any restaurant booked.  There isn’t even a booth at Pizza Hut with our name on.  In fact, it will probably be a plastic packed sandwich and a coffee in a polystyrene cup but it will be time together, with relatively little interruption which is very, very rare.

I don’t care where we end up or what we do but I do know that I’m looking forward to it, whatever it ends up being.

Just me and my husband.  

(And twins in tow). 






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