Repurpose an old t-shirt and make it personal



Having six boys in a row means that I can normally grab anything in the sales from the boys rack and it’ll fit somebody.  When something is outgrown, as long as it’s still in reasonable condition it will be passed down.  This doesn’t mean that we can’t make it a new shirt for its new owner.

How do you make an old shirt into a new one?  By personalising it of course!  You can personalise t-shirts in a number of ways and it’s a great craft activity that kids enjoy.  Here are a few ideas to turn something old into something new and have fun in the process!

Cut up an old sponge into different shapes or letters, dip them in fabric paint and dab them onto your clothing making your very own printed t-shirts.

Make a fabric flower and stick onto your old t-shirt to give it a new lease of life and a brand new look.

Sew odd buttons over your shirt making a creative pattern.  Make sure the buttons are sewn on securely though so that they can’t be pulled off easily.

Here is an idea that your kids are guaranteed to love.

First, ask them to draw a picture.  Nothing too elaborate, mind!



Using your child’s design, cut out the pattern from similar coloured fabric to the colour they’ve used. Back each part with iron-on interfacing to give it a little more rigidity then sew onto the t-shirt.



Your child will be proud as punch to be wearing their very own design on their t-shirt.  It’s certainly a step up from putting their pictures on the fridge!



Fun, unique and personal – everything hand-me-downs aren’t meant to be!















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