Free Skinny Me 2012 – Week 5

losing weight and dieting


losing weight and dieting


I have been quite determined to do my absolute best this week and I am pretty sure I am seeing results already.  Like I explained when I had an unexplained and unexpected weight gain last week despite my efforts to be good, I won’t be weighing in every week any more.  Instead I’ll be recording a new weight update and taking new body measurements on the first of every month, and I’ll be reporting them on the first Monday after that.

Anyway, I digress.  I have been really very good this week, making a determined effort to exercise on the cross trainer for at least twenty minutes daily and really being careful about my diet.  I have upped my fruit and veg intake, and really cut back on my evening nibbles.  One thing I need to keep working on is drinking water.  I know I don’t drink nearly as much water as I should but it’s so cold at the moment that I’m much preferring a hot cup of coffee.

I still am not recording very much on Weight Watchers Online.  I even downloaded the app to my phone but still finding it a hassle.  Less so is my new discovery.  I downloaded the My Fitness Pal app and I am finding it much quicker, simpler and easier to use than WW.  It calculates your daily calorie limit.  You enter the foods and recipes you’ve eaten and the exercise you’ve done and it works out how much you have left each day. You can add new foods to your diary by scanning the barcode with your phone, and the list of foods on the database is very extensive.  I do think it has a far wider range than the Weight Watchers database.  As if that wasn’t enough, this app is free.  I am seriously considering cancelling my WW membership and just using this.  I am wasting money on something I’m not using with WW Online.

Anyway, enough about me – how about you?

If you are also trying to lose weight why not join the quest to “Free Skinny Me!”?  Feel free to grab the badge at the top of this post and put it on your blog with a link over to here.  Come back each Monday to report each week’s weigh in result or give your weekly progress update in the comments section.

You can also write a post on your own blog and leave a link back to it in the comments below so we can visit and leave a message of encouragement or support. You can choose how much or little info to disclose.

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Free Skinny Me – onwards and inwards is the cry!

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