Free Skinny Me 2012 – Week 1



It’s been a slow start back but I am going to change that, I mean it!

As I didn’t do any shopping until the end of last week I have relied mainly on not over-eating although I need to work harder at controlling portion sizes.  I am so used to piling my plate high that I really do need to re-educate myself in proper portion control.

I know where I am going wrong but not doing anything about it.  It’s not that I can’t.  I think it’s just that I am not motivated enough.

Yesterday we had a photoshoot and I was so conscious of how weighty I am.  It’s not a good feeling, to be so lacking in self-confidence.  I do need to do something about this and I need to do it now.

I am still wondering whether to go ahead with getting an exercise bike or another piece of equipment I can hop on and off in the moments nobody needs me.  The issue though is space.  Are there any recommendations for any equipment that are effective and sturdy yet don’t take up huge amounts of room?

Here are my results:

Resuming week’s result: Stayed the same

Current weight: 12st 6lbs (174lbs)

Mini goal: To lose 19lbs by week 18

Starting weight: 12st 8lbs

Goal weight: 8st 11lbs (123lbs)

Total to lose: 50lbs

Total lost to date: 2lbs

If you are also trying to lose weight why not join the quest to “Free Skinny Me!”?  You don’t need to be following Weight Watchers to do so and your weigh in day doesn’t have to be a Monday.  You can also grab the badge at the top of this post.
Rand put it on your blog if you like, then come back each Monday to report each week’s weigh in result in the comments section.

You can also write a post on your own blog and leave a link back to it in the comments below so we can visit and leave a message of encouragement or support. You can choose how much or little info to disclose.

You can follow my quest to “Free Skinny Me!” by subscribing to a full feed in your reader.  You can also chat with me throughout the week on Twitter  (click here or search for the handle “@largerfamily” and let me know if you are doing the quest so I can follow you back) and become a Facebook friend too.   Don’t forget that we now have our very own Healthy Living board in our new LFL Family Forums.












One thought on “Free Skinny Me 2012 – Week 1

  1. Well, this week was okay. Not great, but not a failure either.

    Started weight; 270
    Current weight: 258
    Total loss thus far: 12 lbs
    Mini goal: lose15 lbs by March 2nd
    Ultimate goal: weigh in @ 200 lbs by next pregnancy (assuming there is one, of course. We don’t use/practice any birth control, so you never know…)

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