To every thing there is a season



Yesterday was Mike’s last day home.  He had taken three months parental leave and it was lovely.

The routine completely changed while he was off, but it would have once the twins were born anyway.  Today brings things back to normal, or at least it has us establishing a new normal.

Mike returns to work.  We get back to homeschooling and adjust to doing so with two small babies rather than the usual single baby we’ve been used to.  It’s going to be different but it will all come together in time.


In order to make the most of the last day together, which thankfully was a beautiful one too, we decided to get out for a while.  We visited Aylesford Priory, a place we frequently go to.  It is peaceful, quiet and a great place to visit for prayer, and it is beautiful in every season.

We walked through the grounds with cold noses and chilly hands.  The sun still shone gloriously in the fabulous blue sky and as we walked we noticed daffodils growing and trees covered in blossom.  It looked and felt like a real spring morning.  It was hard to believe it was only the second day of January!

I am hoping we will avoid any colder weather.  I don’t want miserable, grey days and rain, and I don’t want snow… well, I don’t mind freshly fallen snow actually and it is quite lovely when accompanied by blue skies but anyway…

I like sunshine and warmth.

I am ready for spring and yesterday it felt like spring had already sprung.

And it made me happy.

What is the weather like where you are?

6 thoughts on “To every thing there is a season

  1. It is 9 pm 1-3-12 and it is currently 14 degrees, with a low of 13 tonight. It’s much better than last, which was -2 with a windshield factor that made it -11. Daffodils? Blossoms? Those would be lovely to see!

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